• March 30, 2020

Your lease extension and the importance of good communication

Numerous leaseholders beginning the leasehold augmentation process are enticed to adopt a forceful strategy towards their freeholder requesting their lawful right to an expansion. They will put an idea before the freeholder and anticipate that they should take it. The freeholder anyway is under no commitment to acknowledge whatever you propose, so reconsider before you commit a similar error.  It is significant when starting a leasehold expansion process that you keep your freeholder on side and in this way quick to help the procedure along. On the off chance that your freeholder cannot side, at that point the entire technique can take an incredibly prolonged stretch of time and can turn out to be especially difficult. In any case on the off chance that the freeholder is sharp and regarded, at that point all things considered, the procedure will be done in acceptable time.


A genuine case of how the entire procedure can be postponed directly from the earliest starting point is in giving a rent augmentation Section 42 Notice. This notification formally advises the proprietor that you wish to broaden your rent and furthermore gives a figure to the rent premium. In any case if your freeholder is sharp and willing, you are probably going to get a reaction inside a week or thereabouts. Be that as it may if not, they will most likely disregard your solicitation until they are statutory requires to give a reaction for example in two months time.  When the freeholder has given their counter notification there is a statutory time of 2 months wherein exchanges over the augmentation can occur. Again these timescales will either delay or will be managed expeditiously relying upon the methodology from either party. This point ought to be raised with your specialist to stress that you additionally need them to be especially speedy in their reactions to the next gathering.

On the off chance that the exchanges start to stagnate, at that point you should meet with your specialist to attempt to consider ways to deal with recover the freeholder ready. The explanation for this is you will need to abstain from utilizing the Leasehold Valuation Tribunal. The LVT will hinder the procedure greatly as it can take as long as a half year to get a space before the Tribunal, also all the extra costs which will be brought about.   As the abovementioned, the leaseholder should put forth all attempts to guarantee that they adhere to their lease extension times with the goal that they are not liable for any deferral. One simple way you can help accomplish this is by keeping up great associations with your freeholder and keep lines of correspondence open with both them and every single legitimate body included.


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