salted egg yolk cookies
  • December 3, 2019

Make your children enjoy the cookies from now

Children always love to consume snacks. But it is the duty of the parents to take care about the health and this OD not mean that cookies are not going to help their growth. They are very ancient snack used and they are needed for the better growth of the children. They always need considerable amount of sugar which is most of the time fulfilled by the cookies and you could try the salted egg yolk cookies singapore which is a better choice for an evening snack for your child.

Why cookies are good?

Because it is healthy and at the same time tasty. You cannot find both these qualities in a single snack and fortunately cookies found to be having both these things. But people do not give a damn about these things and they simply consume fats foods and snacks without any idea about health. But now it is time to turn your taste and preference towards health and this is the reason why salted egg yolk cookies singapore could act as a better choice to you.

In addition it is highly helpful in meeting the nutritional needs of your child. Of course like any other cookies it has butter and sugar but you can imagine the health benefits these ingredients could offer along with the egg yolk and the curry leaves added in the box. The shelf life of this cookie is around 60 days and so you can store in a glass container in order to preserve its fresh condition.


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