• July 9, 2020

Manage Your Life with Microsoft Outlook, Google and a Smart Phone

These three apparatuses can help deal with your bustling life and work in a major manner. Microsoft outlook has highlights like Calendar, alongside your typical Email and Contact list. Google has Gmail alongside Google Calendar and a following application called Latitude. In conclusion, your PDA has a schedule, GPS and can introduce applications. It likewise has web access consistently of the day. With these three things you can deal with your life all the more essentially. First of all Outlook is an extraordinary mail application. It has highlights for accepting and making email and in addition to other things, has a worked in schedule. The schedule is a basic snap and type interface with booking for quite a long time, weeks, months and years. Outlook is essentially the one stop look for messaging and booking. Google has numerous perfect projects added to its repertoire, yet the ones we will be utilizing are Gmail, Google Calendar, Outlook Sync and Google Latitude.


Gmail is an online email administration with roughly 7 Gigabytes of extra room. Google Calendar is an arrangement book that has a great deal of similar highlights you will see in Microsoft Outlook. Outlook Sync is a program that will refresh your Google Calendar with Outlook Calendar and the reverse way around, Outlook Calendar with Google Calendar. Finally Latitude is an application you can introduce on your advanced cell that will utilize your GPS to follow your telephone, accordingly your area and will send it to Google. Advanced cells have the ability of having web throughout the day which makes them convenient with accepting and sending continuous data. Advanced mobile phones additionally bolster numerous outsider applications like the ones we will utilize. Ultimately, they come furnished with a schedule that ought to be comparative in usefulness to Outlook schedule.

So how would we set up every one of these assets to deal with your life?

  1. Make a Gmail account. Try not to stress on the off chance that you would prefer not to utilize Gmail as your principle mailing application.
  2. Sign into Google Calendar which has opened up from pursuing Gmail. This will initiate it.
  3. Introduce Outlook Sync Manager to your PC. After you introduce Sync Manager feel free to type your email certifications to finish.
  4. Introduce Gmail advanced cell application. It will give your advanced mobile phone the Gmail symbol to browse your messages and click here advise you of new messages. You will presumably need to put this symbol on the landing page of your telephone for simple access. After the introduce type your certifications to start getting messages.


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