• November 21, 2020

Business Astrology in the Corporate World

Astrology besieged Guy’s life centuries ago. It is not a superstitious conviction, which was practiced long ago. Contemporary life can also be based on it. Sun, stars, moon, and other celestial objects did not change, but man has shifted. With changing time, person began accepting different things in life. Astrology, not only Gives impact in private life, but also in corporate life. Application of astrology into company is extremely vital to understand the positives and negatives of everybody working in a business from head to toe- CEO to Cleaning person, the consequences of risky dealings, nature and behavior of workers, working field acceptable for them, etc. Company’s success is the central aim for each corporate body.

Question bearing in mind as a lot people do not know exactly what it is and how constructive it is in business when implemented. Astrology can be clubbed where men are employed as working capital. By consulting an excellent corporate astrologer, an individual can make Astro-charts, Zodiac graphs, and Birth graphs to select which employee is good or appropriate for which flow. This aids in recruiting right employee for the ideal job based on their zodiac signs, also in understanding their behavior for a variety of situations. For example, employees Born under the signs, Gemini, Aries, or Libra could be a fantastic selection for marketing purpose and media related services. On the other hand, Scorpions might succeed in advertising and modeling locations. Risk management also is contained in this.

Business Astrologe

Application of business astrologer has become very important nowadays. It is imperative to learn about business standpoint from astrological angle. Business kingdom is ruled by several rulers and warriors. From kings to messengers all play leading roles for prosperity of corporate kingdom such as CEOs and Managing Directors. They are crucial persons who run and lead a firm relevantly by maintaining growth and competition in mind. Their horoscopes, birth charts become extremely significant to experience innumerable challenges.

Corporate Achievement is in their hands. Their decisions of recruiting workers should be accurate. Correct combination of persons ought to be placed in by analyzing charts. Which body is acceptable for which area, what the consequences are, and what are its consequences should always be considered. This should be applied to all bodies which are into business. The section of accounts or fund should be under the individuals who have favorable Jupiter and Mercury. And the people who have great Mercury and Venus should be given the place for quality management. To get accurate results, an individual can prefer Horary Charts or Prasana Charts when horoscope is not available. Consulting a corporate astrologer can be of a great help as you are in a corporate battle area, filled with competing rivals at every turn of time.


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